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Do you want to know and visit the most evocative castles,

strongholds and towers of the Aosta Valley?

This page is dedicated to you! Hostel Ou Crierel has drawn up a 'top ten'

of these wonderful facilities, spread over our territory

Savoia Castle


Built at the behest of Queen Margherita di Savoia,

who was staying in Gressoney, he castle stands at the foot

of the Colle della Ranzola

which dominates the valley from there.

Valleise Castle



Castle Vallaise was the most sumptuous residence

of the homonymous family in the municipality of Arnad.

It has been renovated and officially reopened in 2017.

Castle of Verrès


It stands on a rocky promontory that dominates

the village of Verrès and the Ayas Valley road. It stands tall

and provides an excellent view of control.

Baron Gamba Castle



The castle, with a sober style that imitates a building

of the twentieth century, has a compact structure,

almost cubic, with a massive and squared central tower.

Castle of Fénis



Unlike the other castles, built for war and protection purposes,

the castle of Fénis is not located on the top of a promontory,

but on a slight hill lacking natural defenses.

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Fortress of Bard



The fortress of Bard is a fortified complex rebuilt in the

nineteenth century by the House of Savoy

on the fortress overlooking the village of Bard, in Aosta Valley.

Castle of Issogne


Passed by the hands of the Bishops of Aosta to those

 of the Challant, the castle is a rare example of medieval

Alpine painting, with its cycle of frescoes of scenes

of everyday life in the late Middle Ages.

Castle of Graines


It stands on a high rocky promontory, from which dominates

the village of Brusson and much of the Val d'Ayas.

This is a decidedly strategic position.

Castle of Cly


It stands on a rocky spur at an altitude of 780 meters,

in an easily defensible position and from which it

could dominate the village of Chambave

and the valley floor from Aosta to Saint-Vincent.

Castle of Aymavilles


The castle of Aymavilles rises in the center of the village,

on a moraine relief. The four cylindrical towers, characteristic of the

building, were added to the pre-existing central body by Aimone of Challant.

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