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Mont Mars Nature Reserve

The Mont Mars Nature Reserve was established in 1994; it covers an area of 390 hectares and is located on the left orographic side of the lower Lys valley. In this splendid reserve, there are vast forests of larches, shrubs, stony ground, and higher up the pastures.

Mont-Avic Park

Established in 1989, the Mont Avic Natural Park is the first regional natural park in the Valle d'Aosta. Its protected area borders on the Gran Paradiso National Park. The woods of the park, which in the past were exploited for mining, now offer a spectacle of great beauty.

Gran Paradiso National Park

The oldest Italian National Park, this park offers a large amount of flora and fauna at the foot of the Gran Paradiso. The set creates breathtaking scenery.

The mines in Aosta valley

The ancient mines are often located in very panoramic places and sometimes retain the remains of the infrastructures used for the mining activity: they are destinations that manage to combine the interest in industrial archeology with the opportunity for splendid excursions.

Aosta Valley: land of lakes​

In the splendid Aosta Valley there are more than 100 lakes, of all shapes and colors. Due to the characteristics of the territory, they are not large but, rather, they are small/medium-sized: perfect for a nice picnic surrounded by the wonderful Aosta Valley mountains!

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